Alan J. Blaustein
Bronx, New York

Bio: Alan J. Blaustein alblau999@yahoo.com alblau999@wordpress.com @AlanBlaustein I was involved in the East Village poetry scene of the late 1970s and 1980s, and although I was writing free verse like everyone I knew, I was slowly turning toward rhyme and meter. As the scene shifted away from poetry toward politics, I was moving in the opposite direction. By 1990 I had "run out of poetic steam," borrowing a phrase from something by Breton, and I turned to prose. After a few freelance pieces, I started writing and editing for mass-market magazines. I attempted poetry on and off through the decades, and I heard the pentameter again in October 2012. By that I mean I heard in my mind a balanced line of iambic pentameter. I was in Bellevue for decidedly un- poetic reasons and was in the lounge, gazing out at Manhattan from the sixteenth floor when the line occurred to me and was immediately followed by another. I hobbled back to my bed and started writing, and poems have been pouring out of me ever since. I prefer metered poetry and especially rhyme, and I find the difficulty a challenge and not an excuse to keep to free verse, some of which is so free as to be indistinguishable from prose. Real poetry, professional poetry, is about language, not about expressing an ideal but examining the words used to express it. My poems have been published in Turk's Head Review, Best Poems Encyclopedia, Blogspot, Screech Owl, Bijou Review and Verse-Virtual.

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