Guest Post: Painter and Poet Jack Tricarico



Sunken Vessel

Medium: Oil on canvas 40″ x 42″

Inline image

Neither Here Nor There

Medium: Watercolor

Inline image


Jack Tricarico is both a painter, poet and Tai chi instructor. He evolved out of a commercial art background into full time painting. As he states: “Art has always felt as a necessity for me. I develop an image exclusively on impulse, based in my immediate reaction to a blank surface. This reaction is primarily chaotic. Gradually an underlying structure arises, reflecting an interconnected whole.”


Exhibitions: 220 Gallery, N.Y. C., August, 2008,  Group Show

Tompkins Square Gallery, N.Y. One Man Show, January, 2005

G.R.A. Gallery, N.Y.C. Group Show, October, 1999

N.Y. C. Studio School Gallery, N.Y.C, Group Show, January, 1999

La Mama La Galleria, N.Y. C., Group Show, December, 1997

James Barker Gallery, N.Y. C. One Man Show, June, 1985

Azuma Gallery, N.Y. C. Group Show, September, 1980

Nippon Gallery, N.Y.C. Group Show,  June 1975

The Actor’s Gallery, N.Y.C. One Man Show, September, 1963

The Paz Gallery, N.Y.C. One Man Show,  June, 1963


Education: The New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture. Painting, Drawing, and Art History

The Art Students League of N.Y.

Painting, Drawing, and Art History / The School of Industrial Art. Commercial Art, and Illustration.


Art work can be viewed online at: (a collective art site).


Jack Tricarico



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