(I wrote this post on May 22nd, 2016 and hadn’t gotten around to posting it.  I went through my entire list of posts to see if I had, and it wasn’t there. It’s here now.)

On March 25th I submitted three poems to Section 8 and wasn’t notified that my work had been received, but this isn’t unusual since only a few of the ‘zines I submitted to acknowledged receipt. When I mentioned submitting to Section 8 to a friend, she looked up the site and found that my three poems are currently up there. I didn’t recall having been so notified, so I went to the site as soon as Access-A-Ride brought me home.

There, under “Poetry” and then my name, sat “Seasonal Affective,” “About.Me” (no Oxford comma) and “‘Are you okay….'” I took three passes through my Yahoo Mail Poetry Response folder and couldn’t find the acceptance message from Section 8. I took two passes through my Inbox from a day or so after the submission to current and couldn’t find an acceptance

message from Section 8.

Now, let’s see. Since poems were published without notice to the poet, I see the possibility of poems being rejected without notice to the poet. Poetic Paranoia? I have one clear example, Barrow Street. I sent three poems on December 11th, 2014, and I inquired about the submission in late Spring 2015. As with the submission, no answer. I wrote once more and again no answer, and I have to say their arrogance is breathtaking.

At least something got published.

Racoon claps paws


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