So people pee in pools

From perhaps the water and the flesh

The sight of spandex over certain parts…

The bladder and the prostate both awake

To turn some men to urinating fools

Ladies too let loose when it hits hard

No thought at all at where they are in space

And all the other bodies that have minds

(So fuck you what I mean go take a swim)

Though I can see myself in such a space

Avoiding all the looks that spell relieved…

Now I could tell my cats and they would know

A species that by instinct hides their waste

Evolving as we have we lost the need

An instinct first and foremost dribbled out…

Here closeness is defined by sharing pee

And think what we will do when in the sea.




3 thoughts on “WATER SPORTS

  1. Are sea creatures swimming in eons of their own pee ? Is that Primal Soup from which life evolved pee ? The thought makes me go pee-nuts ! If Genesis is correct are the oceans and seas God’s pee ?

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