Humble Pineapple Edition

From the article How a Humble Pineapple Became Art,  New York Times May 11, 2017, By Dan Bilefsky

When students Lloyd Jack and Ruairi Gray spotted an empty table at an art exhibition this month at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, they put a pineapple on it as a joke. They probably assumed it would be taken off in a few hours.

Instead, when they came back a few days later, “they were shocked to discover their pineapple protected by a glass display case, instantly and mysteriously transformed into a work of art.”

The prank quickly took off:

“…After one of the students, Lloyd Jack, 22, who studies business, put a photograph of the pineapple on Twitter, along with the words, ‘I made art,’ the image was shared widely on social media, turning the fruit, fairly or not, into a cultural sensation.”

Mr. Jack’s tweet garnered 5,000 likes, and then the art world kicked in:

“Before long, the work, which the two students titled “Pineapple,” had been deconstructed on art blogs and social media worldwide; parsed in Paris, Texas and Tokyo; and even featured on Canadian television.”

Mr. Jack said the work had “been on display for a week” before it was removed.

In a related article by Christopher Melem, NYT May 30, 2016,  two teenagers put a pair of glasses on the floor at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art then “Stood back and watched as, within minutes, visitors regarded their prank as a work of art, with some even taking photos of the fake installation.”


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