A nation of bigoted idiots has elected one as president.

Know I not whereof I speak?

From a December 2014 Huffington Post article:

According to a study conducted in late April by the U.S. Department of Education and the National Institute of Literacy, 32 million adults in the U.S. can’t read. That’s 14 percent of the population. 21 percent of adults in the U.S. read below a 5th grade level, and 19 percent of high school graduates can’t read.

Recently, from Statistic Brain, http://www.statisticbrain.com/number-of-american-adults-who-cant-read/:

U.S. Illiteracy Statistics Data
Percent of U.S. adults who can’t read (below a basic level) 14 %
Number of U.S. adults who can’t read 32,000,000
Percent of prison inmates who can’t read 70 %
Percent of high school graduates who can’t read 19 %
Reading Level of U.S. Adults Percent
Proficient 13 %
Intermediate 44 %
Basic 29 %
Below Basic 14%
Demographics of Adults Who Read Below a Basic Level Percent of Population
Hispanic 41 %
Black 24 %
White 9 %
Other 13 %

‘Nuff said?

What are we facing now?

From the Republican platform:

We endorse the First Amendment Defense Act, Republican legislation in the House and Senate that will bar government discrimination against individuals and businesses for acting on the belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

We support a human life amendment to the Constitution and legislation to make clear that the Fourteenth Amendment’s protections apply to children before birth.

We condemn frivolous lawsuits against gun manufacturers and the current Administration’s illegal harassment of firearm dealers. We oppose federal licensing or registration of law-abiding gun owners, registration of ammunition, and restoration of the ill-fated Clinton gun ban.

And so on and so on. The platform is available as a 66-page PDF and on the ‘Net at https://gop.com/platform/we-the-people/. Of course there’s more, but I’m too disgusted to keep reading right now, and I do want this post out tonight. Someone on the radio just used the phrase “unified Government” or “unified country.” Whatever else “unification” involves, the “unification” of a Republican government  will ensure an oligarchy of the rich.

I hope that those who were so critical of Hillary, I don’t trust her, she changes positions, Wall-Street ally, and so forth are happy with the result of their acrimony. The poor, working poor and a level or two above are thoroughly screwed.

Protests are already in progress here in NYC, and I remember the days when I was a crazy young radical and Nixon was the bogeyman. Build, knock down, rebuild perhaps even stronger, defines the ages-old struggle for basic human rights.

Xi Xinping

One immediate benefit is the invigoration of the left. About thirty years into the previous century, a heavily mocked candidate was elected as chancellor. The reaction sprouted even more amusement. The left was sure that the chancellor would mess things up badly enough so they would be in power in two years. Nach Hitler Uns—after Hitler, us. Let us hope that today’s left wing movement keeps this in mind and take it easy with the confidence.


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