MUCK RACK DAILY acts as a terminal for journalist’s tweets, posting in addition to jokes and other kinds of comments mentions of news items I, at least, would never have heard of.

Like this one.

From the Omaha World-Herald.

By Kevin Cole / World-Herald staff writer.



A 53-year-old man’s kids made some and apparently forgot about the ones they left in the back seat of his car. As the headline states, he ate all four.


“The man’s wife told police that as she and her husband were watching TV, he noted that he was getting ‘bad anxiety.’”


“Paramedics called to the scene who checked the man found his vital signs to be normal. But they noted that he was displaying odd behavior — crawling around on the floor, randomly using profanities and calling the family cat a ‘bitch.'”

He is now known as “Pot Father” or “Pot Dad,” as stated in this follow-up (must read) article found here:400,http_d.yimg.com_a_p_ap_20090226_capt.22cf602478c64b74838e69d43a2fc741.switzerland_zoo_lau211http://www.omaha.com/columnists/hansen/pot-dad-talks-about-being-really-really-high-and-his/article_75b2db64-015d-5823-a5e4-719ffe656e16.html




So, watch your mouth around your pets when you’re stoned.


4 thoughts on “HE CALLED THE CAT A BITCH

  1. Well I found your blog through “o at the edges” – because u suggested strand bookstore – and I love that store –
    Anyhow – enjoyed perusing the posts here – your humor permeates through posts -and this one about pot dad is pretty funny -really funny
    Anyhow – have a good weekend and peace

    1. Thank you! I don’t push for followers, and except for your comment, I don’t know how I get them. My Blog is completely non-commercial, so i have no need to present statistics to would-be advertisers. Word of mouth, blogger to blogger, perhaps, but I think I might spoil the magic if i dug deeper.

  2. LOL

    At my first job out of college (I graduated in 1973), there were lots of recent college grads, and we were quite playful. One day we brought pot brownies in to share amongst us. But then our boss, who we thought of as old (he was probably in his 30’s at most–LOL), asked if he could have some. We couldn’t think of a reason not to let him have them. He took two and quickly ate one.

    The brownies were quite full of pot, so they did not really taste very good. My desk was right behind his, in an open-space office. I watched him try to surreptitiously edge the other brownie off into the trash can, where it landed with a resounding thud.

    He was *exceedingly* quiet the rest of the day. Which was in stark contrast to us young’un’s, who fairly cavorted the day away. 🙂

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