Times of the Times

When I’m reading the Times (on-line), I sometimes feel like I had walked into a formal affair in only what I wear around the house. Ads for baubles such as two-kay bracelets certainly help the feeling, but I have to credit the Times with a bit of irony for putting poverty pieces next to those ads.

I’m thinking of a term I just made up as I started this entry, “unconscious elitism,” for a Paul Krugman column I read a long time back that advised college students to take a year of traveling. What would be involved in that? Any such trip would involve lots of money and only a few have parents wealthy enough to pay their way. If Krugman is right that the travelers do better educationally, the work-through-school and municipal college students will be at a built-in disadvantage.

The Jul 24th 2015 Times ran this article:

Technology, While Not a Fountain of Youth, Can Make Aging Safer

The article states that current devices could “help older adults stay in their homes longer and more cheaply, and even help prevent serious illnesses.” Most devices deal with health issues, and some are for greater ease of use in daily life. A charity donated a million to provide such services free in ten cities, but what about all the other cities and towns? I saw no mention of the cost of the items except, “Anyone can add sensors to a home for only a few thousand dollars.” How could an elderly person who can’t afford a Smartphone get those sensors?

To me, this is the most significant sentence in the article: “Nursing homes will become like the poorhouses of yore as technology makes living at home easier.”



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