I don’t recall ever hearing about the ultimate or at least penultimate evolution of flash fiction, the six-word story, until I came upon Roku Stories while trolling for magazines to submit to on the Every Writer’s Resource magazine list. I clicked right over to the site, a Twitter site and I immediately sent in my first story:

You fool! That is NOT milk!

I searched for Roku on Duck Duck Go and then Google. The six-word site was listed atop on both engines, and directly below the Roku site was a listing for the Roku Family Channel, featuring Bible Stories, Bible Stories for Children and Redneck Adventures. Below that, an ad for the Roku player.

When I switched search to six-word stories, I found:, what the name says. is the six-word story page, “using six-word stories as writing prompts.”

Smith site is “the home of storytelling:” and rather than stories asks for six-word memoirs.

Reddit’s six-word story page, /r/sixwordstories, is titled Six-Word Stories.
NPR specializes with The Race Card Project, experiences with race in six words,

Judging is complete for the current Lake Region Arts Council six-word short story contest. The next will “start soon,” and the entry fee is $10.00 for three six-worders. /

The Huff Post,, has its own six-worder page, as the URL indicates, and URLs other six-word sites. Most notable (to me) is six-word science fiction stories,, as part of their six-word series,

Go to your favorite search engine (mine is Duck Duck Go) and search under six-word stories. I was not only surprised at how many but also that I had never heard of the six-word story before I came across Roku.

Roku is Japanese for six, and the ideogram illustrations could be Japanese. Is Roku the Webmaster? Has any set of Japanese parents ever named their child “Six”? All I could find about the site is that it is a Twitter site with a ridiculous URL: Beside Twitter itself, I didn’t know there were also sites.

The sites I listed accept six-word submissions, and I think the total number of those six-worders is astronomical.

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