The modem keeps switching back to 3G, not much slower but slower and not what I pay for. I got on a chat line with a representative, and this is how it went.

Please hold for a Support Representative to assist you.
Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless.

Your Chat Session ID is RT2647781262.

My name is Samantha, how may I assist you?
Visitor: Do you have a record of my previous chat? I was quite deeply into it when I lost the window. I am on 3G but paying for 4G and have been for four hours now. The connection switches to 3G regularly, and I’m on 3G more often. I guess I’m stuck till October unless I can get regular service.
Samantha: Hi Alan. I’m sorry to hear that your previous chat was lost. I’ll be happy to look over the notes here for you and check on the information so we cna pick up where you left off.
Visitor: Okay. I left off with my more exact location, Fordham-Rose Hill Area, Borough of the Bronx, New York City.
Visitor: The name is Alan Blaustein. It should be on your notes. I believe the previous agent was Dana or a name beginning with D.
Samantha: Yes I do see the notes here from Dana. She was looking up the address on our coverage map.
Samantha: Alan, I know you mentioned that the device has been switching over to 3G a lot more over the past few months. Is the phone only used at this specific locations or do you take it to other places too?
Visitor: As I told Dana, I have mobility issues so I don’t go out often. The device stays here.
Samantha: I understand.
Samantha: Do you notice that the device changes to 3G at a specific time of day?
Visitor: Originally, around eight o’clock in the evening. Now it’s been off since six. I had it in 4G for about an hour or so.
Visitor: Still on Three-G.
Samantha: Thanks for those details, Alan. I can help you go over some troubleshooting steps to make sure you’re setup for the 4G service on the device. If everything is setup properly, we may need to have this escalated so our network engineers can review your services in this area
Visitor: I have a 4G SIM card in the device. Service said it was the modem not the card when I brought it in about the card as I’d been advised over the phone. Never mind what transpired before I had the replacement, which doesn’t work. Lit up and 4G showing, my MacBook won’t recognize it.
Samantha: So it is recognized when it’s in 3G but not in 4G?
Visitor: No, 3G didn’t show up, just 4. The message on my screen was no connection, and the indicator atop remained greyed out.
Samantha: Thank you for clarifying.
Samantha: Are you able to access the Jetpack’s Admin page to check on the diagnostics?
Visitor: Yes, very slowly.
Samantha: If you can please get to that page, then click on About Jetpack, and then click on Diagnostics, can you tell me what the RSSI values are?
Visitor: On 3G, which I seem to be on forever.
Visitor: Okay. I’ll open a new window so as not to lose this. Happened last time.
Visitor: I’m on settings now, typing password.
Samantha: Thank you. I appreciate that
Samantha: Thanks
Visitor: Okay, RSSI (1x) RSSI (EVDO)
Samantha: There should be a negative number listed with the “dbm” listed after that….something like -58 dbm for example. Do you see anything like that?
Visitor: Okay, Blank on (1x), -109dBm on the other EVDO
Samantha: Thank you for checking.
Samantha: Alan, may I ask if you’re currently chatting with me from the Jetpack’s connection?
Visitor: Yes, my only connection. MacBook using 10.6.8. Slow, like I said. I can tell when it switches when a page drags coming in.
You are not currently in a chat session.
You are not currently in a chat session.
Notice how they pulled the plug after I gave the numbers? And what about that store? Inept or insidious? A whole dog and pony show has me still bouncing between Gs. Whether or not I do the chat again depends on whether or not another Verizon post.


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