(Part One. See March 14 2015 post for Part Two.)

I’ve been having problems holding on to Four-G for some months now. I was getting no service about every day, and I recall waiting over an hour for Four-G to kick in. A technician had me set the connection to automatic rather than (hereinafter) FG only, and the no service stopped. I didn’t need a whole day to realize that Four-G was still down, replaced by three-G. The technician suggested replacing the SIMM card since it might be corrupt, the why of going across the Concourse. I’m about to call first for a salesperson’s opinion I think I can rely on when I tell them that the Tech said no charge and will let the Tech know if that isn’t the case according to the Fordham Verizon. Visit or result of call will be added later or maybe tomorrow.

On blogging: I’m up to day three of Blogging U. I started it without knowing anything about Blogging, and now I’m currently stuck with a first page I don’t want. As a freeloader with limited options, could I switch posts? I’ll soon see, but first the connection. Web pages will load at Three-G, and you can make coffee, do some housework or read while waiting for the page to come in.

Now March 6th. A heavy snowstorm delayed shipping the modem, and I just got on the FedUp Web site. Delivery by eight o’clock Tuesday. Wonderful, and the connection seems to have recovered. I had only about twenty minutes on Three-G, and I’m on four-g now. So much for this entry, and I’ll do another post when it comes.

This is where I think the modem really is.



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