I’m Alan J. Blaustein, also Alan Blaustein. I’ve had a blog going for some time now, but I didn’t have a focus and didn’t know very much about blogging. Everything I’ve read about writing urged social media for writers, including twitter, Facebook and this blog, is basically the Why of my keeping a blog. We are far from the days when you send your corrected typewritten manuscript to a publisher or agent and just wait to see what happens.

I write mostly formal, rhyme and meter or blank verse poetry. My poems have so far been published in Turk’s Head Review, Best Poems Encyclopedia, Blogspot, Screech Owl, Bijou Review and Verse-Virtual. My short story “The Girl’s Desk” was published in the second issue of Two Cities Review, and my article “…And I’ll Send You The Keys,” about rent-a-room scams I encountered, appeared in the Spring 2014 New York Minute magazine under just the name Alan.

One of my posts is a list of the comments I received from editors and agents who rejected my work and queries. I plan to issue a second list, and I’m sure I’ll have material for a third before I’m gone.

For subjects, I will settle on the day to day of being a writer with few resources, in other words, little money. I can’t go premium on WordPress because of the two words at the end of the last sentence. I will also comment on news items I’d researched a bit before just throwing them out, and journalism apart from individual items, like data-driven.

I keep a personal journal that I’ve seen interest in if only from my therapist, and I have two other memoir projects. There is movement on one of them, but I can’t say anything more about it at this writing (03/02/15). Of course, I’ll report to this blog as soon as I have something to report. For this blog, though, just news, writing and the occasional odd subject. I’ve collected articles about various aspects of writing, and I think I will post those as well.

Perhaps it’s just my own mind, but I think collecting comments helps ease rejections for those who are still upset over them. Look, about five percent or less of all submissions are accepted. My poem “Doubletalk” in Verse-Virtual had been rejected twice.


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