(January 27th, 2014)


This time I am not in the clutches of practitioners but in the money machinery that runs the medical profession.  When I signed up with United Health Care, I opted out of their drug program because I already had Cigna.  Nothing in the literature said I would be losing both Cigna and Medicare by joining United, but the situation was that I’d have no coverage, prescription or practice, until at least February first.  I spoke to two United agents who both told me I couldn’t just attach the drug program to my existing plan, and the second agent agreed I should drop the policy.  She referred me to Medicare, and the agent there confirmed what the United people said.  I will be off United as of February first, and I would have a chance to get Cigna back.  Medications were short and the time was as well, but the Medicare person did fix Cigna for me.  As of February first I can call the druggist to go ahead with prescriptions, but my health care is still in the hands of Medicare with the accompanying co-payments.

The next stop, the next adventure, will be Medicaid.


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