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And This Is What Alan gets.

From agents:

DeFiore, 12/09 submitted 11/01: “We’ve read your material, and I’m sorry to say that we don’t think it is right for the specific talents of the people working at our company at this time.”

Denise Shannon, 11/22 submitted 11/04: “We do not feel your project is right for us.”

Daniel Lazar (Writer’s House), 11/18 submitted 11/13: “[Does] not seem right for our list.”

Barbara Braun, 11/24 submitted 11/20: “Not for us, thanks.”

William Reese, 11/23 submitted 11/21: “No thank you, but thank you for writing to me about your memoir.”

Molly Friedrich, 12/13, submitted 11/23: “there is undoubtedly a wonderful agent out there for whom your book might just be the perfect match.”

Ellen C. Geiger, 12/11, submitted 11/30: “[so] swamped with current commitments that I’m unable to give proper consideration to your work.”

Susan Ramer, 12/11, submitted 11/30: but I’m afraid I have decided to pass.

These agents haven’t replied after about three weeks:

Ethan Ellenberg; Dorian Karchmar (e-mail returned); Faye Bender; David Mandel; Theresa park; Heidi Lang; Loretta Barrett; Vicky Bijur; Paul Cirone; Emily Forland; Carole Bidnik; Alex Glass.

From editors:

Bodega, 12/03, submitted 11/12:  “Doesn’t seem like a good fit for Bodega at the moment.”

Boiler, 11/24, submitted 11/14: “Unable to accept for publication.”

Radar Poetry, 11/18, submitted 11/15: “it’s not a good fit for Radar Poetry at this time.”

Cobalt, 12/03, submitted 11/20: ” Not at this time.”

Amethyst Anarchist, 12/07, submitted 11/28: “We feel the work is not quite the right fit for our journal at this time.”

Anti-, 12/10, submitted 12/07: “I’m sorry to tell you that I’ve decided not to publish your poetry.”

Able Muse, 12/16, submitted 12/06: On Monday, December 16, 2013 11:55 PM, Peter Austin <> wrote:


Thank you for the submission to Able Muse. I have read your poem(s) carefully, and unfortunately it/they did not meet our present needs. This decision does not necessarily speak to the quality of your writing — so varied and subjective are editors’ needs and choices, made all the more difficult by the strong competition for the twenty or so non-feature poems we choose to publish per issue.

Even though we could not use your present submission, I want to thank you for your interest in Able Muse, and for your patience and your support. The best way to find out what we publish is by reading Able Muse. The Print Edition, Summer 2013 (our latest) is now available from, and other online and offline bookstores, with a digital book version and excerpts now online at:  Note that although Able Muse is now a print journal, we will continue to provide previews, excerpts and a digital edition of each print edition online at the Able Muse website above. Subscription and other details for the Print Edition are available from Able Muse Press at:

Please, submit again.

Thank you,

Peter Austin

Assistant Poetry Editor

Able Muse

So, for the first twenty sets of queries, eight said no and twelve didn’t respond.   All magazine editorial persons answered except  Rattle,  so I’ll wait another week or until after New Year’s before shipping the Rattle crop to Able Muse.


That’s the current crop of editorial or agent-orial responses.  Peter Austin’s “please submit” sounded promising, but I wonder if he tells that to all the girls.  Susan Ramer’s soft sell indicates problems with manic would-be authors at that agency.  From the magazine side, “good fit,” “not at this time” predominate the responses.  As with “please submit again,” “Good fit” could either be boiler plate or that I sent to the wrong publication.

I am not finished submitting and will continue until I am no longer subscribed to life.  More submissions will yield more responses and thus further blog entries on this subject.


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