Placement As Interesting As The Article

I am looking at a group of three sponsored links. Two are for dope addiction treatment, “Opioid Dependence Doctors” and “Heroin Addiction?” and the third is for “Free Obituaries Search.” I guess you can get stoned and look up old friends and see who’s still alive who owes you money.

I found this treasure when I was on a Yahoo news/AP article about marijuana seizures in Colorado. The FBI busted “an unknown number” of medical dispensaries “suspected of violating more than one of the eight guidelines issued by the Justice Department.” In addition to the plants, the agents seized cartons of “cannabis-infused drinks.”

What? Drinks? This has to be new, probably started by the medical dispensaries.

Informative, but the highlight of the page is the grouping of those three sponsored links.

All comments I read are on the theme of hadn’t they promised not too?


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