I’ve already made a mistake in the agent search excruciation, sending my query before checking up on the man and ladies by using search terms prescribed by Victoria Strauss and A.C. Crispin: add “Writer beware” and  “Absolute Write” in the search bar.  So far I have links to all three words, but one bit of naughtiness on the park of my current check Theresa Park already turned up.  In 2007 she and a cohort kicked off an agency checkup outfit like Writer Beware and P&E.  Victoria reported that some listings were wrong as to category and that some names were recycled and that little information was provided.  This was in 2007, and now Theresa is listed with AgentQuery.  What is this all about?

More on the lady, and I think I can expect the same from others I’ve already contacted.  At least I hadn’t fired off a query to her.  I did send a query to an Irishman named McGuigan but with slight trepidation.  The link to his submissions guidelines was dead, but his submission e-mail address was live so off my query went.  The main subject of this blog is everything, and now I have a sub-subject, my search for an agent and the goings-on in the world of warnings and listings.  Theresa Park showed no other problems, so it’s on to the next.  I‘ll fire one off to her next round.


No response, and three more agents contacted, Daniel Lazar, Daniel something and Faye Bent.


David (not Daniel) Mandel, and now I have eight.  Two are already no response after two weeks, and the third, Kochmar, was bounced back.


Other than within my struggle, a struggle is in progress between Victoria Strauss/Writer Beware/Predators and Editors/and SFWA.  The Write Agenda claims that reporting on Beware is false and is vituperative toward Victoria in particular.  I see grammatical mistakes and outright abusive language in WA posts, and WA seems to have bought itself a chunk of Google: Search Write Agenda and see a pageful of anti-Strauss, etc. links.  Victoria, et al, are the white hats here.


My Word table for agent searching/finding, screwed a bit through transfer to here.  Just a sample.  The first eight agents I’ve so far contacted, and I can fill in more on my MSWord submission tables and not bother to post another table.






Memoir, Wards


NR a/o 11/16

DDenise Shannon

Memoir, Wards


NR a/o 11/17

EEthan Ellenberg

Memoir, Ward



DDorian Karchmar

Memoir, Ward


e-mail returned

FFaye Bender

Memoir, Ward



DDaniel Lazar/Write Hse.

Memoir, Ward



DDavid Mandel

Memoir, Ward







On-line advice was to give the query about two weeks.  After, assume it’s a non-response agency.  I also have tables for poetry, stories and articles, but this post is all about agents.
And that is enough about agents until I hear from one and post an Agent’s, etc. 2.  Without the table.


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