An off-center (for me) center

I didn’t get a good look at the Morris Innovative Center, senior citizen center.  After walking in the wrong direction I found the place.  The grim dark brown doors looked locked at first, but I tried the handle and opened it.  A young Hispanic man politely inquired as to my presence, and I said I was checking senior centers.  He said the place was already closed for Halloween but that one of the young Hispanic women at table would answer my questions.  She aid there was no writing program but computer classes for seniors and social workers and seemed vague about the rest.  She gave me a leaflet that I thought would provide more detail, but I just look at it and saw that it’s a list of what ID is needed to join the Center.

The interior seemed like a hallway in a public school, unsmiling yellow, and I saw a huge and empty dining room with plastic flower pattern cloths on the tables.  To the right of the front desk table were two closed doors, one to the left on the wall behind and another on the adjoining wall.  Something didn’t feel quite right about my joining, a feeling that I wouldn’t fit in too well and an in-general sense of misgiving.

Next week for a specifically Jewish Center.  I’m looking at one associated with a YM-YHA on Pelham Parkway.  I wonder if it is anywhere near my father’s last store, now gone along with the rest of the company. 


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