New dope on dope

Grass seems to be all over the news in spurts, and none of the articles I’ve recently read were condemnatory.  We have quite a sea change from Reagan’s response to the question of legalizing it, “Not now, not ever!”

When two states legalized outright, I shouldn’t have been surprised that a publication like Business Insider would have a large article about the difficulties medical marijuana dispensers had during a supply shortage.  Of course, it involves business, and I see an indication of a “new normal” for attitudes toward it.  As an example,
 “But trading Phish t-shirts for business casual changed the market in ways that nobody expected. The range of choice and quality caused a diversification of product. There were price fluctuations, ill-fated marriages, terrible business decisions, and more between 2010 and today.”

At the end of the article is two links to other articles from Business Insider.  I clicked on the heading Marijuana and found a two-page list of articles on the subject.

Here’s a link to an apparently major article:, and to the articles page,

Under the heading Marijuana Legalization,, some of the same articles.

Most was this year or just a bit earlier, and what did Marijuana news look like back when?  I did an article search in the Times archives spanning 01/01/1969 to 01/01/1983, and the first article on the list was a PDF about an FCC condemnation of a local CBS affiliate for broadcasting a marijuana party in Illinois.  Noteworthy within the article is the fact that marijuana possession netted a two- to ten-year sentence in Illinois.

From another article, a PDF, the title says it all:
The Massachusetts Supreme Court upheld today the validity of the state’s laws against marijuana, noting “no Imagesuch right exists” as the right to smoke marijuana.

The Liberal Party in NYC came out for legalization of marijuana and also abortion as reported in the Times 03/03/1969.  I don’t know if this link will bring you to it, but here goes:

I think that’s it for this Post.  Tomorrow, an article search from 1933 to 1968 and more tidbits from the current search range.
I gave up on trying to put the dispensary photo at the bottom.


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