“Make sure they give you a new phone and a new SIM card.”

(10/14, early afternoon)  The modem I handed Verizon for about seventy dollars worked beautiful until this past Friday night, 10/11.  My clock speed went down steadily, and instead of 4G Ltd on the home screen I saw 3G and then Verizon 1x.  I called support Sunday night, and a very professional (she sounded genuinely sympathetic) young lady eased me through what was required and gave me the advice that’s the title of this Post.  I am about to sail out with the defective device in my shoulder bag—she mentioned problems like mine with newer JetPacks—and I have enough sanity to get me there, conclude business and get me back.  Once I’m here (home), that matter will be irrelevant.(today, 5:31 p.m).  Sanity held up nicely, and the initially doubtful Verizon hireling warmed to me after I checked out.  Did he take more time than usual to check me out?  As had the young lady Hanna at Verizon support, he asked me for my initial V password.  I’d forgotten having given myself such and believed I didn’t have one.  He dug in further and told the first two digits.   I remembered the rest, a sad joke about an eviction.     He stated the first two digits and I filled in the rest.  I was then confirmed as a real Verizon supplicant (we take from our sustenance to give to V each month in prayer that She be merciful in granting us a righteous KPBS) and proceeded to work on my case.  Toward the end of his labors, his, I assume, I saw him with the Verizon box and hobbled over to make sure he wasn’t giving me the old modem reworked and not the brand-new one and new SIM card Hanna told me to make sure I asked for, and then I noticed another box next to the one I’d brought in.  I’d written dBm numbers on one flap and the password on the inner cover, I mean inside box top flap, and neither were in that other box.  So, he was playing straight.  My resolve to remain calm and so forth dissolved, and I was edgy until I saw that and was then able to joke, lightening the situation for both of us.  The joke was what the password stood for .  Shortly after that he had the thing working and showed me Four-G Ltd on the screen.




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