Previous blog attempt updates

I started a blog way back when and didn’t see the point of keeping that and My Struggle. I think I see some point to it now, having a blog on-line since I’ve published on-line. I’ll copy over some old entries tomorrow since I’m wrecked from three hours of WordPress and Twitter, and I still haven’t checked the Twitter beginner pages even though I’ve already tweeted.
I saved the previous posts/pages in MS Word. I can send through e-mail should anyone be interest.

Adventures in medicine: the situation changed, and it turns out I do not have Parkinson’s. Recently, X-rays of my hands and shoulders showed bad arthritis. I asked Dr. Hoover if it was bone to bone, but she didn’t answer directly. It certainly hurt like that. “Like that” means needing Fentanyl.

I knew what the Tea Party was back then, but I don’t think I was aware of how they felt about food stamps and other forms of assistance. I couldn’t have expected a shutdown over providing care for those who can’t get treatment worth having, and isn’t demanding cuts in food stamp aid, especially to children political suicide? So far, no.

I haven’t seen or heard anything about the anarchist’s twitter constitution, so I guess that blew over or blew up.

JP Morgan Chase is still getting frowned upon. I wonder what regulators say to bank officials when they pass them in the hallway or on the elevator with. Do they snarl or exchange grins?


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